MobiSA Security for companies, governments and communities is an innovative platform that provides unified alarm monitoring software. It is a modular system composed of different modules that allow to integrate several technologies into one main core making more efficient the collection, storage, management and visualization of all data from sensors. The security system is designed to meet the needs of different markets providing standard functionalities as well as customized features requested by the customer.


Manage, monitor and control security personnel activity with the mobile.


The MobiSA mission is to provide families with the best protection possible with AI based SmartPanics and our own Security Agents.


 GPS tracking, monitoring and theft prevention. Security cars are tracked and monitored so they can be assigned to a mobile point or fixed point.


With MobiSA, you can track your maintenance vehicle in motion and monitor its status quickly.


With this service you can control access to your home through the activation and deactivation of the alarm panel. You can have evacuation tests and periodic functions in order to ensure that everything works properly.


Manage fences by receiving events and display their status on the map. Events include: activation, deactivation, alarm, power failure, open or closed panel.


Being able to detect when violence occurs in any part of the country is essential, and mobile video surveillance greatly speeds up the process, facilitating camera verification and registering the cruelty suffered in these sensitive situations.


It is an electronic notification system aimed at apartment buildings and co-ownership facilities through which, through the use of the button panel included in the MobiSA App, the invitation of the visits can be managed.


We are the solution made for easy reservation of sports fields and other activities. With MobiSA you can easily register and reserve from anywhere, anytime.

MobiSA is an innovative communication platform that allows neighbors to report incidents to the monitoring center easily and quickly, with multiple control and management functions to be attended to immediately. With MobiSA a collaborative approach to security is created in closed areas and neighbourhoods, multiplying the scope of observation and criminal reporting.



With MobiSA, you can monitor the complete development of rounds and patrols of your security guard personnel. In this way, you can be sure that the guards are in the agreed locations, on time and with complete integrity. Your monitoring center will have a complete view of the person’s position at every time during their shifts, as well as all incidents or events that occur during these rounds. Guards who receive incidents while they are fulfilling their rounds can report to our monitoring center via online transmission, an image that evidences what may have happened through their mobile device (tablet or smartphone). Likewise, guards can send comments and indications of what they consider important in such situations. Also, if an event occurs during the rounds and is totally unexpected, our “panic button” function is immediately activated to notify the monitoring center with specific details (location data present real-time) regarding the situation. Having this detailed information gives you peace of mind about the actions taken by your staff.