MobiSA is the communication platform that allows neighbors to report incidents to the monitoring center easily and quickly. It is designed to maximize protection, minimizing response times and taking full advantage of a community of people who care about their security. This collaborative approach to security is created through multiple control and management functions.


One of the most important features of the new MobiSA application is to send an emergency message with your satellite position, so that they can assist you easier. Send to our monitoring center images, photos, videos and audio records or make one touch calls.


Triggered alerts or incidents on the public network (Roads, Bridges, Energy, Water, Mass transport, Security …) are reported by citizens through a free application for smartphones. The citizen-sensor potential is multiplied by the ability to integrate our solutions in the networks of any municipality. This information arrives in MobiSA Monitoring Centers thanks to a series of smart sensors that can already be deployed on the territory (GPRS/UMTS masts, speed cameras, parking sensors).


MobiSA Alert is the smartphone application that can make pervasive and inexpensive surveillance systems in our smartphones. MobiSA is designed especially for emergency situations, especially women who are being attacked or mistreated by their partners or anyone. When a person feels like they are in danger or enter a situation in which they feel uncomfortable, he can press the button we call “Alert”, which will send messages to an operator at a monitoring center. If the user has internet access, then the alert will be sent via internet, and if not, it will be sent via SMS. Also from this application pictures can be taken of the events that are happening with the user’s smartphone camera, allowing him to testifies to violence or improper behavior. With these alerts and pictures you must coordinate with several witness information from your surroundings so that an action may be taken which results in a successful escape from an emergency situation.


MobiSa is a program for the security of schoolchildren in South Africa. It allows for greater safety of children during their trips to and from school, in addition to the safety at school and during extracurricular activities. School protection is a public service that ensures the safe passage of students and teachers to and from schools, as well as the security of on-campus activities. It also serves to guarantee the presence of state actors in schools through public policies and rules of conduct. This ultimately guarantees an environment conducive to learning.