VigiControl is a control and alerting application for cars that can be installed both on personal smartphones and on business-oriented professional devices. It is technically distinguished by the fact that it is able to handle multiple car-dispatching related activities at the same time: i.e., while in the vehicle, besides being responsible for sending alerts, MobiSA executes remote commands or status tests. In this way, MobiSA brings high added value over generic alerting applications, both to companies fulfilling car dispatch and to private users who want to keep their car under surveillance even when away from home.

SOS: Find yourself in a dangerous position? Tap SOS to reach your family and friends. It sends a panic event with your location to their mobiSA app in an instant.

Round: provides an easy way to manage guard patrols. It uses a round system to allow guards to send an arrival and/or departure notice at each point of the established route. In addition, the system provides a first-class mobile application that allows you to easily configure your system, as well as access exact location and movement history of your assets in real time

Man Alive: Its a smart button which, when pressed, transmits a signal to an app that alerts the family. If nobody reacts within the designated time, the event will be notified to a central monitoring centre.

News: It is the brand new technology whereby information and events appear on a tour can be sent directly to the monitoring center. It can be complemented with images, audio, video, text notes, and even QR code reading or NFC tags.

Assignment: App that lets you monitor and control your security guards, who are in the field, in real time. Through your phone, you can assign an operative to go to a fixed or mobile point from where an emergency alert has been received. Once the operative arrives at the marked point you will be able to mark the arrival, send photos, videos and audios.

Customizing the background design of the MobiSA allows you to add your brand logo, giving a more uniform and technological corporate image. It also keeps up with the times by offering an outstanding product.

Get to know all the features of VigiControl

We have created new videos of VigiControl, the most efficient tool to audit the surveillance and dispatch of guards service, which will allow you to fully understand all the management, auditing and use of the APP.