Risk Assesment and Site Suveys for System Implementation


Critical decisions made about a company’s security / operational management and loss control portfolio cannot be taken lightly.  We offer with over 14 years of experience in security consulting with consultants who are  completely independent and have no allegiance to guarding services, CCTV installers, alarm installers, etc. This ensures that all our clients obtain solutions that have their best interests at heart and only theirs! 

Our consultants are able to assist with selecting and vetting outside contractors, if and when required. Therefore, eliminating the situation of products or services being sold or ‘pushed’ when, in fact, they are not needed or suited to the client’s requirements. We offer our services in finding solutions to finance projects for rental with full maintenance and reporting included.

It from the physical security assessments to policy developments, procedural testing and system integration, our risk consultants are available to assist companies both locally and in Africa.


The main objective behind a security survey is to create the blueprint on which all future security plans and procedures can be built upon. This will lead to the developing of accurate and cost-effective security measures put into place to specifically counter the unique risks associated to the clients business, location and assets.

During our on-site audit of the client’s security profile, our security auditor will look at and investigate the following:

- What are your critical assets?
- Just how vulnerable are they?
- What are the potential threats to these assets?
- Identify the threats according to potential, improbable and probable threats.
- What is required to adequately and cost-effectively protect or secure these assets and, therefore, manage related risks?
- Which plans exist to counter related risks?
- Which policies and plans exist to ensure business continuity/recovery in case of incident or attack?
- Which measures need to be weeded out and who is going to facilitate those implemented?
- Assist in establishing a blueprint for the company regarding future security policies and procedures.
- Provide vital and critical information on location crime and area risk related factors.