MANAGEMENT Solutions Intergration

A combination of on site access control and remote monitoring provides an effective contractor management solution enabling you to log contractors in and out, verify time on site, and monitor movements to support Health & Safety requirements.

Contractor Keypad provides a cost-effective solution delivering huge benefits and massive savings with enhanced client amenity.

The contractor simply turns up on site and enters their password into a special key pad.  This alerts our Service Centre who can see and speak to the person on site via an IP camera with two-way audio. There is also the facility to provide a snapshot of the person on site to verify identity, and to provide a record of movements logged by the Service Centre - with reports.    This provides a full audit trail for effective contractor management, plus the peace of mind of knowing exactly who is on your site and when

A combination of leading-edge surveillance and remote monitoring          solutions provide a range of innovative virtual site management services designed to save you money, time and effort. Whether you're running one or several sites - from a retail unit to a multi-tenanted office building - virtual site management provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate costly guard/receptionist services, site visits and a host of other expensive functions.

Our virtual site management solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and include:

Interactive Access Control
Contractor Management
Environmental/Condition Monitoring
Virtual Site Patrols
Operational Audits
 .....and many more options

Remote CCTV monitoring has no geographical boundaries and can be used for premises located anywhere in the world. The use of this service can reduce, if not eliminate, the need for manned guarding and will often result in a significant reduction in your operating / security costs.

Remote monitoring benefits:

Enhanced security - all day, every day 

Free from physical assault

Impervious to collusion / threat

Capitalises on your CCTV investment and stretches your business asset  Supports business efficiency and improvement