Alarm Systems

Alarm design and technology is continually improving. False alarms are being reduced, and higher degrees of security are being provided. Alarms can be audible-only or monitored remotely by a monitoring station arranged by your installer. Monitored systems are strongly recommended for business users, as many now provide verification that intruders are on the premises using additional signalling equipment.

Integrated solutions result in technologies working together to achieve security outcomes. They can reduce cost and have a wider applicability than simply security, e.g. equipment tagging for both security and stock management purposes. With an integrated system many actions can be automated, meaning that a security system is simpler to use, requires less training and performs more functions. Moreover, by having a single company install these products, it allows system infrastructure to be shared, reducing costs and providing only one contact for all service requirements. A company like Stone Security is able to provide clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all its security solutions.

Exponential improvements in technology in the security industry mean it’s now 
possible for a CCTV system to be programmed to activate on the occurrence
of a specified event. The Digital Video Transmitter can be armed much like an
alarm system to ensure that control room operators are alerted to relevant
incidents allowing them to respond according to set procedures.

Live video is sent to the offsite central control room once the system is triggered
by an event, such as a door opening, motion detector, panic button etc. Even though
the video is not monitored on a continual live basis, it remains active in the control
room and alerts controllers to any event on site. Following a system trigger, the
camera view automatically becomes live in the control room where the activation

took place and the appropriate action is taken .