Warehousing surveillance

In an environment where security is affected by an array of factors, not least policy and procedure, warehouse risk management requires experienced professional expertise and resources. Investigators and risk consultants are a constant requirement. Off-site security managers controller provided by Surveillance is another.

Given that most warehouses are seen as ‘shopping centres’ for criminals, it is very concerning that many premises still operate with the most basic and rudimentary of protection profiles. The very size of a warehouse can, and often does, contribute to thefts not being noticed or discovered until it’s too late.


Detailed security assessments of warehouses will provide clients with an accurate overview of their current security readiness. From this assessment, solutions can then be implemented and designed around the threats and vulnerabilities of the client’s premises.


Vido Security Services can provide elite armed personnel to escort clients’ high value goods in transit. This service is provided throughout South Africa.



Credible ‘grass roots’ information is a major piece of the loss control puzzle. Our undercover investigators are available to be deployed into your workforce and, once the investigator is integrated, the client is supplied with a steady stream of on-going accurate ‘inside’ information.


In the ‘dark world’ of logistics, the global challenge is finding a way to protect the movement of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Between these two points lies the myriad of risks that threaten to derail even the most experienced of operations and industry role players. Transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging are all portfolios that constantly require specialised security services.