Mining operations surveillance and monitoring

Due directly to the diversity of the mining industry and its associated sectors, it is in no way surprising that specialised security services, in particular, remote off site monitoring and situation investigators, are of great demand in this industry.

It is not uncommon to encounter large scale theft, sabotage and fraud activity. With backhand payments, inflated invoices and often, widespread corruption eating into profits, Surveillance systems implemented can be directly integrated in to tackling and providing valuable clues/ solutions  to these activities head on.

The findings of our investigations are based completely on fact and live video and audio recordings.

Our  digital surveillance  investigations allows our clients to get a true perspective of who and what they are dealing with in reality on the ground.

Competitive malpractice, mistrust and corporate spying are, unfortunately, never too far away in this industry. It is, therefore, important that clients in this industry have a well trusted and professional Technical Surveillance Counter measure team at their disposal.