Industries that we operate in.

In keeping with our objectives of assisting our clients to successfully operate in what can only be described as a hostile environment, we provide, on a contract basis, independent third party security management”.

When the guarding companies, alarm installers and the like come and offer advice on what is best for your company,one would beg the question, ‘What do they stand to gain?’

It is with this in mind set that our surveillance division has built up a significant reputation as a formidable contender in risk consultancy not limited to our borders. Our on-site security managers are not deployed to our clients’ sites but are rather given access to the instruments available to  ensure that our clients receive exactly what is required for their unique risk portfolio and management operations.

With the technology as your  manager the reports are accurate, without fear or failure, on exactly what and how security and operational related risk controls should be handled. With no links to other guarding companies or technical equipment suppliers, you are assured our reviews and reports remain unbiased and accurate.

Only clients who integrated with Monitoring surveillance can have a real life clue as to how one can comment on employer compliance, contract service compliance  and operational health and safety as well as equipment operation/maintenance and can continue to understand what the business needs and will need into the future.

Added advantages of an remote monitoring site security manager controller 24 hrs a day.

Real time response to emergencies.

Audio warnings

Live video verifications

System operational monitoring

Alarm monitoring

Device monitoring

Sms Notifiactions

24 hour control room

On-site investigations.

Monthly site review reports.

Employee monitoring.

Introduction of best practice policies and procedures.

On-going backup support from Vido Security Services Consultants.

Security related updates.

After hours alarm response by a qualified security manager.