We offer a full remote monitoring service through our own Alarm Receiving Control room and provide visual verfication. Various  intervention proceedure are under taken to insure that alarm is not ignored or not verified. 

Control room operation 24 hours with technical support and response assistance among other features.

We also offer installtions and video wal matrix for group use.

Reduce your guarding costs bu contacting us .

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Virtually any alarmed system - from CCTV and intruder systems to fire/ gas detection systems and refrigeration, water treatment compressor plant rooms - can be remotely monitored.

 Controller can provide assistance and escalate situations as they arise. Device monitoring brings about huge savings in maintenance and in site vunrability to theft ofr damage.

Contact our technical team to have a site visit for product inplementation and services offered.

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Its HUMAN vs MACHINE surveillance technology allows for  sites to be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

To match this level of cover would require a significant manned guarding presence, but the costs of employing on-site security guards have been rising steadily over the past few years due to new licensing requirements and minimum wage legislation. 

So, if CCTV and remote monitoring are so much cheaper than manned guarding why not simply rely on technology?

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One of the most important factors when considering your business’ security is ensuring that all your security measures have been sourced from professional companies that provide quality products and services.

Surveillance offers all aspects of integrated security in house. This allows us to have complete control over the design, installation, and service and most importantly ensures the customer has a single point of contact that can be relied upon to provide a quick and efficient service.



State of the art detection and camera systems are strategically located around the site. Images are transmitted from the CCTV cameras on your site to a dedicated CCTV remote monitoring station. Within seconds of system activation, a camera will focus automatically on the cause. Simultaneously the system will transmit real-time images from the camera to the CCTV monitoring centre.

At our Control Centre, specially trained and experienced operators have complete control over the system, to identify whether the system has been activated by a customer, staff, deliveries or a criminal attack. The operator has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom cameras to get an accurate picture of the disturbance. 

The operator will make a rapid assessment of the situation and take the appropriate action, such as notifying the police. False alarms are virtually eliminated as all system activations are verified by the monitoring centre, thus ensuring police response if required.

As the system incorporates full audio facilities, operators at the CCTV monitoring centre can give verbal warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site. An intercom link can also be provided for authorised enquiries.